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Survivors of domestic and/or sexual violence whose primary language is not English, are still able to receive services from CASA.  Services are offered to clients residing in our safe shelter as well as those receiving outreach services.  

To ensure non-English speaking or limited English proficiency survivors are able access our life-saving services, CASA offers:

  • Hispanic/Latina Outreach program which provides translation services through our two full time bilingual staff members 
  • Russian/Ukranian translation services through our bilingual PRN Staff on an on-call basis
  • Access to Telelanguage interpretive services in over 350+ languages 24/7/365   

CASA’s bilingual and culturally sensitive staff will provide interpretive and translation services, as well as culturally specific services.  Our bilingual staff can assist you with gaining access to all services offered by CASA, as well as transportation services, driver’s education, English classes, culturally and linguistically specific support groups, and legal servics.

Learn more about our Hispanic/Latina Outreach programs by clicking the link below: