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Domestic and Sexual Violence are public health issues that can be prevented.  CASA aims to end rape and abuse in our area, but the only way to do that is to raise education and awareness of the impact domestic and sexual violence has on our community.

For many, when they think of domestic violence, they envision black eyes and bruises.  In reality, it is a much more complex pattern of behaviors that abusive partners undertake to control their victims.  When individuals envision sexual violence, many believe a common misconception that most sexual assaults are committed by a stranger.  In reality, a victim of sexual assault is more likely to be assaulted by someone they know.  Further, there are often misconceptions that the victim of rape or abuse must have done something to cause the abuse to occur – dressing provocatively, being intoxicated, starting a verbal argument with their partner, and so on.  The truth is, NO ONE deserves to be physically or sexually assaulted.

It is because of these misconceptions and many more surrounding domestic and sexual violence that CASA works diligently to raise awareness and education in our community.  If you are a member of a civic group, organization, educational institution, or an individual wanting to learn more about how to prevent domestic and sexual violence in our area, CASA can help by facilitating presentations and trainings in a variety of settings.

For more information about having CASA serve as a guest speaker at your next meeting, please contact us at (660)827-5559.

For assistance, please email info@casa-sedalia.org.