New Beginnings

CASA’s New Beginnings program is designed to allow a seamless transition from shelter to independent living.  New Beginnings assists you in determining the tools and resources you will need to successfully exit our shelter facility and maintain an independent home.  This program will assist you in job searches, employment readiness, interviewing skills, resume building techniques, accessing community resources, budgeting, gathering of household items, and housing search and applications.  While in our New Beginnings program, you will receive follow-up support from CASA staff, transportation assistance, and access to CASA donations which may include, food, clothing, toiletries, furniture, and home wares.  Though most individuals enrolled in this program, do so upon exiting our shelter facility, these services are also available to community members who are victims of domestic and/or sexual violence who have not received CASA’s residential services.  For more information, please contact CASA to learn more about our New Beginnings program.

For assistance, please email