Safety & Shelter

For some victims of domestic and/or sexual violence, it may not be safe for them to remain in their home. Therefore, CASA operates an emergency shelter for women and children fleeing domestic and/or sexual violence situations. Our shelter operates 24/7/365, which means there are always CASA advocates available to help you any time of the day or night.

Individuals who choose to access CASA’s residential services, begin with our adult survivor program. Within your first 72 hours in shelter, CASA staff will perform a lethality assessment with you and discuss your personal goals while you are in shelter. From this meeting, staff will help you create an individualized action plan, coupled with the creation of a personal safety plan.

Beyond your individualized plan, CASA offers an adult survivor program that incorporates a two week curriculum of life skills, domestic violence education, and house meetings designed to help promote your self-sufficiency and decrease the likelihood of you returning to your abusive partner.

As adult clients received a host of services while in shelter, children entering shelter with their mothers are introduced to the children’s program. To help those exposed to abuse, CASA offers a comprehensive children’s program designed to give children a safe place to discuss and express their emotions related to the violence in their homes. CASA staff will help children develop age-appropriate safety plans, and children may participate in children’s life skills classes, support groups, pre-school readiness classes, after-school tutoring program, off campus activities, and structured play groups. CASA staff can also help you and your children with school enrollment and school supply needs.

When making the decision to come into shelter, we encourage survivors to contact our crisis hotline at (660)827-5555 or (800)894-1151. Our advocates will listen and help safely guide you through your decision to leave your abusive partner. Our advocates will further help you determine what you need to bring with you to reside in our facility.

For assistance, please email