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Many survivors of domestic and sexual violence are confronted with many legal obstacles when trying to flee their abuse situation.  CASA is able to help residential and non-residential clients navigate the civil and criminal court process they may encounter when fleeing their abuse situations.  CASA can assist you with transportation to legal appointments, court accompaniment, and assistance in filing a police report.  CASA can further assist you in securing an order of protection against your abuser.  In the event your abuse situation results in criminal court proceedings against the perpetrator, CASA can help you access community, legal resources, victim notification systems, and Crime Victims Compensation.  For more information about legal resources and referrals available to you, please email info@casa-sedalia.org. 

Filing and Safety Planning

If you are looking to file an ex-parte, please click below to find information and resources. 


To learn about how you can form a personalized safety plan to escape abuse, please click below.