Volunteer Opportunities (3)

Our Volunteer Program offers many different opportunities for you to give back and make a difference in the lives of survivors. Whether you would like to directly interact with our clients or assist us with indirect projects, we have plenty of options. Below you will find information and resources to guide you in the process of becoming a volunteer here at CASA!

Direct Service Opportunities

⃝    Crisis Line Advocate

⃝    Client Transportation 

⃝    Medical Advocate

⃝    Court Advocate

⃝    Bilingual Advocate


Indirect Service Opportunities

⃝    Media Development 

⃝    Group Class Presenter

⃝    In-Kind Donations Management

⃝    Clerical Management

⃝    Facility Maintenance

⃝    Kitchen Support

Group Volunteering

If you would like your business, faith community, or social group to volunteer for CASA, please contact our Volunteer Coordinator at info@casa-sedalia.org. 

Virtual Volunteering

We offer a variety of virtual opportunities to accommodate members of the community with busy schedules. You can support our movement from your own home and on your own time by becoming a virtual volunteer

Please fill out the contact form below to get in touch with our Volunteer Coordinator. You will receive an email with any further information that you need to take the next step in becoming a volunteer here at CASA!

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