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Hispanic/Latina Outreach

Our comprehensive Hispanic/Latina outreach services are focused on eliminating the language barriers that many Spanish speaking survivors face. This program ensures bilingual and bicultural access to all of the services currently provided by CASA. If you are a survivor in need of these services, please reach out to us through the number below.

Hispanic/Latina Outreach Hotline

(660) 619-0080

  • Transportation to doctors, therapy, and legal appointments
  • General interpretive and translation services
  • Assistance with U-Visas & VAWA Visas
  • Community & volunteer education
  • Assistance in Ex parte filings
  • Medical advocacy
  • Court advocacy
  • Crisis response

Sexual Assault Victim Survey

We are asking women and men in Pettis County who have been sexually assaulted about their experiences with medical professionals, crisis center advocates, and members of law enforcement. Your input will assist us in evaluating and improving the services provided to victims of sexual assault in Pettis County. Please answer all questions that are applicable to your experience. This survey is 100% anonymous, and no identifying information will be requested.
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