Parenting Class

One service offered at CASA is a free parenting class. Yes, FREE. Not just to the survivors of abuse that CASA serves but also to those in the community. This course is available to anyone seeking knowledge of Parenting topics. CASA’s parenting program gets numerous referrals from agencies such as the courthouse, Missouri Children’s Division, Missouri Probation and Parole, Burrell, Compass Health, and many others. The class is a 12-week program that reviews topics such as parenting styles, attachment, play, academics, healthy communication, discipline, structures, routines, and more. There are also two additional courses on domestic and sexual violence and the effects these things can have on children and families.

CASA’s Parenting program is available on Zoom every Thursday from 9:30 am-11:30 am or via Google Classroom at a self-paced rate of completion. To refer or register for the course please contact CASA’s therapist at 660-827-5559 for more information or email

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