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Domestic violence is a pattern of abusive and coercive behaviors used by abusers to control their partners.

Types of physical abuse include:

  • Physical Abuse is the use of physical force against another person in a way that ends up injuring the person, or puts the person at risk of being injured.
    • Does your partner push, hit or choke you? Does your partner threaten to hurt you with a weapon?
  • Emotional Abuse can be verbal or nonverbal.
    • Does your partner continually criticizing you, call you names? Does your partner make all decisions for you?
  • Financial abuse may include withholding resources, stealing from you, or using your name to incur debt.
    • Does your partner force you to work, or refuse to let you work?
  • Sexual abuse is often linked to physical abuse; they may occur together, or the sexual abuse may occur after a bout of physical abuse.
    • Does your partner minimize the importance of your feelings about sex? Does your partner force unwanted sex acts?
  • Spiritual abuse is anything that comes in the way of you doing something or feeling good about yourself.
    • Does your partner not allow you to practice your morals/religious beliefs or culture/values? Do you feel that you have given up things that are important to you?